Autosave and combine pdfs

I am printing several reports to PDFCreator. I have configured Autosave to automatically name the files and save to a directory. There are eight reports that run which generates eight PDF files.I would like to automatically combine these eight reports and then autosave as one PDF.

I've attempted to research this and haven't found much information. I know there is a combinejobs.vbs script in C:\\Program Files (x86)\\PDFCreator\\COM\\Windows Scripting Host\\VBScripts

I tried adding that script to the Action before saving and that didn't work. Can someone provide some explanation or documentation of how to use the VBScripts in PDFCreator? Is this even possible to combine PDFS and autosave?



do you mean using COM from a local machine to control PDFCreator on a server?

That is not possible.






the CombineJobs script does something slightly different. It shows how to print and merge jobs while taking control of PDFCreator via COM. This is probably also the way to go, as a script can't know when all documents are there that need to be combined into a single file.

There is not too much documentation on the COM classes yet, but there are some samples that show how to achieve certain tasks.

I am sorry that I can't answer this precisely yet. How often do you create these reports? If it's not too often, you could do this manually. If it shall be on a regular basis, I would recommend to take control of PDFCreator via COM and then merge the jobs as required.

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This is something that we need also.  I would like my users have the option to print to the PDFCreator network printer. Is there an option for users to get the COM on a network printer?  In early test we noticed the COM popped up on the printer sererver and not local to the user when autosave was disabled..