Autosave mode on a stand alone computer

Dear all,

I have a problem with setting up a stand alone computer to save pdf’s (in autosave mode) from a device that can be configured with network printer.
Is it actually possible to configure pdfcreator installed on a stand alone computer to pretend to be a stand alone network printer?

In the device I can configure IP address only and specification says that I can print to any networked printer that meets:

    Printer type:   Monochrome (B&W) printer

    Printer Interface:   10BaseT/100BaseTX/1000BaseT

    Emulations:   PCL 5

    Protocol support:   IPP (Internet Printing Protocol) 1.1

I’m a bit confuse as I’m not an expert unfortunately, but for me it looks like I can configure pdfcreator to work as a windows shared printer (in server mode), not network printer…

Has anyone encountered a similar problem and managed how to solve it?



PCL is not supported by PDFCreator so despite the other issue (which I am uncertain about but I think you are correct) it will not work.

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