Autosave not creating files--Server 2008 & Win 7 64bit

Hi, I am attempting to use PDFCreator to create a PDF image of checks
printed to automatically save so another program can pick up the files
for further processing before mailing them. 

On Windows 7 64
bit, if I print to PDFCreator from the local machine, it prints to file a
pdf properly.  If I send the job from the Linux print server, nothing

Installed the same setup on Server 2008 R2, again, no file was created. 

it a permissions issue?  I made sure ‘Everyone’ had full control to the
folder the files should be placed in, as well as permissions to use the
shared printer.  (To send the job from the Linux print server I needed
to use LPD to a shared printer on Windows.) 

I have made sure
the server can access the workstation and printer by changing the port
to Print to File, and the dialogue pops up properly.  Is there a step I
am missing somewhere?



Did you install it in server mode on server 2008?