Available PDF Creator version for WinXP

Hello fellow forum colleagues,
I need some help:
I have an old computer with WinXP, which I use only for Hyperlink communication with processor (has serial port).
I need to be able to print to pdf the values that pop up.
Latest version that is compatible with winXP was 2.5.0 (quickly fixed with 2.5.1. because of some bug- not sure if 2.5.1. is compatible with XP).
On the download page of this site, version 2.5.0./2.5.1. is no longer available.
How could I get my hands on that version of PDF Creator?

Thanks in advance,

Hi Vlado,

the latest version for Windows XP is PDFCreator 2.5.3.
Here's the download link: https://download.pdfforge.org/download/pdfcreator/2.5.3/PDFCreator-2_5_3-Setup.exe?file=PDFCreator-2_5_3-Setup.exe

Please note: We cannot support PDFCreator 2.5.3 any longer and the download link might be disabled without further notice.

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This link didn't work to me:
"Error: Not Found"

Does the path change? Can you repost it?

Thanks and regards

Does anybody have the MD5-Checksum of PDFCreator v2.5.3?

You can download it from Filepuma and I can confirm that the downloaded file is identical to the original downloaded from the pdfforge.org site in 2017 because I keep and archive old files of every software I use.

PDFCreator 2.5.3

I need to reinstall on a Windows XP machine

I confirm, the ...?file=PDFCreator-2_5_3-Setup.exe no longer exists

I tried to install from filepuma on Jan 6 2020. The setup .exe downloaded, but when I tried to run it, it failed on a "file not found 404" Any other ideas?

Thank you

When installing select "Expert settings" and then deselect "PDF Architect 5".
When asked to install "PDF Architect" select "No thanks".
At the error "Download failed: File not found (404)" select Ok and then select "Next" instead of "Retry": probably is trying to download something to install like CCleaner or Chrome or Avast, nothing vital for PDFCreator.