Available PDF Creator version for WinXP


Hello fellow forum colleagues,
I need some help:
I have an old computer with WinXP, which I use only for Hyperlink communication with processor (has serial port).
I need to be able to print to pdf the values that pop up.
Latest version that is compatible with winXP was 2.5.0 (quickly fixed with 2.5.1. because of some bug- not sure if 2.5.1. is compatible with XP).
On the download page of this site, version 2.5.0./2.5.1. is no longer available.
How could I get my hands on that version of PDF Creator?

Thanks in advance,


Hi Vlado,

the latest version for Windows XP is PDFCreator 2.5.3.
Here's the download link: https://download.pdfforge.org/download/pdfcreator/2.5.3/PDFCreator-2_5_3-Setup.exe?file=PDFCreator-2_5_3-Setup.exe

Please note: We cannot support PDFCreator 2.5.3 any longer and the download link might be disabled without further notice.