Background repetition

There are 3 options for repetition of the background:
No repetition,
Repeat all pages, and
Repeat last page.

I think these can be clearer if changed to:
First page only,
Repeat all pages, and
Last page only.

Thanks again for this great software!


thank you for the comment.

The background repetition is a bit complex and we struggled on how to name them.

Supposed you have a baground page document with 2 pages and a print document with 4 pages, you will get:

No repetion: final page 1 has background page 1, final page 2 has background page 2, page 3 and 4 have no background
Repeat all pages: page 1 and 3 have background page 1, page 2 and 4 have background page 2 (useful for odd/even scenarios)
Repeat last page: Page 1 will have background page one, page 2-4 will have background page 2 (useful for cover page/regular page scenarios)

We will think about your suggestion to make the three modes more descriptive.

Many thanks,

OK. That makes some sense. I was thinking that the options give the user the choice for which pages of the final PDF have the background, not how the background PDF is applied across the whole document.

Is there going to be a way to set a background to appear on the last page only of the final PDF or to choose from which page of the final PDF the background is applied? I may need to set this up with a script but would prefer not to if possible.