Background, Watermark, Overlay,

I would love the ability to apply a "background" pdf or image under all pages of a target pdf and also the ability to superimpose an "overlay" pdf or image on top of all pages of a target pdf. The ability to overlay as well as background would have to deal with transparency of the the pdf that is on top so that all white area is transparent. Also possible even allow you to set the transparency level of the item on top. The use would be to apply a form, template, image, or stationary to all the pages of a PDF.cdcomputing

You can use the pdfforge.dll coming with PDFCreator. It supports these features. You can use an "Action after saving" and a script to add this to PDFCreator.


Can you give some more pointers about how we would do this? I am also very interested in being able to add a watermark / background / letter head to the PDFs I print.



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I have just found this page and have watermarks working now.

Thanks for a great tool.

This may be out of the PDFCreator option, but you might look at pdftk, which can do this nicely.