Bad postscript DLL installed by PDFCREATOR 1.6.1


I just installed PDF creator 1.6.1
system is w7 pro x64

after installation, go to “start” ==> "devices printers"
right click on any printer, select “printer properties”
==> error message saying the driver is not installed.
also print does not work anymore for the other postscript printers installed in the system.

searching for modified files, found the directory
where the file PS5UI.DLL has been replaced by a very strange one.
a binary display of the end of the file PS5UI.DLL shows :
6.2.9200.16384 (win8_rtm.120725-1247)

to recover,
- uninstall PDFFORGE
- stop spool
- from your backup, restore the previous Postscript driver files (at least  from your backup
- reboot

This raises some issues:
- the bug : a DLL containing windows 8 code, installed on windows 7

  • the installation program: modifying shared windows DLLs should request the user’s agreement, because it cannot be guaranteed it has not any side-effects on other programs.

    Do you have a suggestion to install PDFFORGE only, without any action on existing postscript drivers ?

    thanks for your help.