Bad translations to Spanish in your ads

I guess you may have someone translating for you and that you´re paying for the service so s/he shouldn´t use automatic translations that are rendering incorrect Spanish. Here are my two supports to your web, simply because I adore pdf and am so grateful it´s still free ;

speed up my pc ad - 
escaneé >> should be escanee (seems a little thing but the word is totally different with/out that little simbol on top - it´s not always the case but it´s the case here)

fixio ad -
devuelva el tiempo >> "devuelva" makes no sense at all in this sentence (I´m 100% sure it´s been translated by a machine). To get the desired meaning across you should write something like : dé marcha atrás en el tiempo



p.d. for any further and free - grateful I am with you ;-) - translation/correction you may need  don´t doubt to contact me at the mails provided in the registration


thank you for pointing this out, the translation of the ads is done by our advertising partners, so we can only point it out to them but not fix it ourselves.