Batch print, loosing job

Hi guys,

i’m in trouble using the autosavemode, may be some one can help me.

A program generates about 8 print jobs at one time. If i do manual it will save each job but automatically it looses one. This will happen with other virtual printers too, so this might be a a general settings problem. But with physical printers it will work.
Since i’m using a virtual box with windows 2000 nt with this very old i do not want to yous to direct print to physical.
And for archive purpose i need a pdf printer.

SO what can i do to avoid loosing jobs in future.

Thank you


I had a similar problem and could solve it by using

 ping -n 3 >NUL:

after each conversion.

This lets the batch wait for nearly 3 sec. before the next conversion is started.

Depending on the size of your documents you can change the - n parameter.


do you mean action after save?



No, I used a batch-file to do the conversion.

I had to convert all files in a defined directory. I used a batch-file with a loop calling the script convert2pdf.vbs

In this batch-file I had to add the ping after each conversion, so that the next conversion was started not before the previous has finished.