Batch printing .xml

Have a rather large task in which to convert many (~10,000) xml files to pdf.

Currently working by opening 100-odd xml's at a time in IE(8) and ctrl+p-ing to pdfcreator, enter, enter, enter, close (~20 seconds).

Ran into a naming problem (truncating file locations), which an update to 3.2.1 & an IE reset seemed to fix.

How can I batch process this task to make this easier??


take a look at the com function .cPrintURL. There is also a sample available called URL2PDF.vbs coming with PDFCreator which shows how to use this function.

`.cPrintURL "C:\\XMLs\\MyFile.xml"`

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Brilliant, thank you very much.

It works on a single .xml file. One step closer.

Seems to throw an error when using a wildcard? e.g. in C:\\xmls\\*.xml

I'm not, yet, a vb programmer, so excuse my ignorance, please.

Also, would like to name the produced .pdfs the same as the original .xmls?

Is this something to do with the line:

Const URLs = "PDFCreator URLs"




you will need to to a wildcard seach for the files in the script and then pass these files to the PDFCreator. With .cOption("AutosaveFilename") = sample.xml you can have the original filenames for the PDFs.