Be Warned! PDF Forge is DIS-HONEST!

Be careful when buying from this company! They changed their policy after purchase.

Quote from Customer Service
“Please be kindly informed that the policy of our company has changed and this time we do not offer the free upgrade to PDF Architect 2 for the existing customers. You can purchase the PDF Architect 2 with the discount using the link below:”

3 months ago I purchased PDF Architect Pro for $79. Now they want $49 to upgrade to the next version. Note: As shown in the above quote from PDF Forge Support. PDF-Forge changed their free upgrade policy after I purchased version 1.

It is very dis-honest to change your policy after someone makes a purchase.

I believe I am entitled to a free upgrade as that was the policy when I purchased.


there has never been an update policy promising updates to full new versions (if you disagree, please state the policy and where you have read it here.)
The quote from our customer service (the information given to you) is not correct, as this is the first time there was any full version update so it hasn’t “changed” but is simply the way it is. Minor updates/bugfixes have been and will be free of charge, while upgrading to an entirely new version requires payment. Same as upgrading from windows 7 to windows 8.

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