Beginner: How to convert multiple html pages into one pdf automatically without interaction

Sorry, but I don't know how to start...

Our daily build process generates also a html documentation. Now I like to add a conversion step into the build process for converting these html-files into one pdf-file

I played a litle with PDFCreator's commandline parameters but without success.

Is there already a working solution available or ideas for a solution?



here you find the script convert2pdf.vbs. Try this: convert2pdf.vbs .


But what are the pre-conditions for running this script?

I get the following error message: C:\temp\script\convert2pdf.vbs(27, 1) Microsoft VBScript runtime error: Type mismatch: ‘CDbl’


I use version 0.9.8 on a Windows7 32-bit professional PC. I have installed PDFCreator in the default directory C:\\program files\\pdfcreator and the mentioned script was installed in C:\\Program Files\\PDFCreator\\COM\\Windows Scripting Host\\VBScripts automatically.

It works for me.