Bigger PDF File size after updating to Windows 10?

Hi guys,

After being forced to update to Windows 10 today, PDF Creator is creating much larger PDF files than previously.

IE a 17 page PDF file is 3.6mb
Previously a a 74 page PDF file was 378kb.

I’ve tried adjusting all compression settings, etc but have had no luck.  

I am using PDF Creator 2.3



this is most likely related to the printing application, were you using a different version of the printing application on the previous Windows system?

best regards

Hi Robin,

Yes actually.  I’m printing from MYOB and that has upgraded in the last week also (MYOB AccountRight 2016.1).  So this could be a MYOB issue?



it could very well be. Did you also have PDFCreator 2.3.0 on the previous system, or was it an older version?

best regards,