BUG after update: Spoolpath not updated in Printer propreties


I updated from 1.2.1 to 1.2.2, and the first time I changed the place of PDFcreator on my disk. After update (uninstall of 1.2.1 and install of 1.2.2 with a modified install path), PDFcreator does not "trigger" when sending a print job to it.

I noticed that the spool path did not "follow". In Proprities of the PDFcreator-Printer, the "old" path is used, and the system does not find any file there:

C:\\_Conf\\PDFCRE~1\\PDFSpool.exe (the new path is elsewhere)

Changing this path to new folder and the printing will be fine. But this should happen while installation, no?