Building PDFCreator

I am not used to MS’s development tools, but my company does have an enterprise edition license for VB6, so I thought I would give it a shot.

Upon trying to load PDFCreator.vbg (which I presume is the root level project), I got an error that mscomctl.ocx could not be loaded. That file is present in my system32 directory. I tried copying it to the source directory, but I got the same error.

What do I need to do to get the project to load properly?

BTW, what language(s) do you plan to use for the rewrite?


I think the first is a non PDFCreator specific issue with mscomctl.osx, google should help you solve it (If not, I can ask one of the developers) A quick thing you could try is running visual studio with rightclick-> run as admin once.

The new PDFCreator is being rewritten in C#



I updated the .ocx using but that did
not fix the problem. I was able to resolve it using the last post at

I also discovered a dependency not mentioned in the readme. So for anyone else
wanting to build the package, go to
and download OLELIB.TLB (presently the first download link on the page). According
to pnish’s post on, you must then:

Extract olelib.tlb and olelib.odl from and copy them to your
Windows\System32 directory.

Open a command window and navigate to Windows\System32,
eg cd\windows\system32

Register the two files as follows:
Type: regtlib olelib.tlb and press
Type: regtlib -o olelib.odl and press

Once I did these actions, I was able to make the .exe’s.


thanks for the feedback, i will keep it in mind if other users run into similar issues.