Calibri font prints as garbage in Windows service


I have written a VB.Net application that uses the Autosave feature of PDFCreator 1.7.3 to create TIFF files from web pages printed with the WebBrowser control (IE 10).  It all works fine when run from a command line on my Windows 7 PC.  I want to run it as a Windows service (so it will start automatically etc.), so I put most of the code into a DLL which is called by a service-program wrapper.  I installed the service program on my PC, and it runs fine, with one exception:  Text in the Calibri font prints as garbage – the glyphs being used seem to be from some font, but are an incomprehensible assortment of letters with diacritical marks, symbols, box-drawing segments, etc.  We have noticed this problem only with the Calibri font; other fonts on the same page render correctly.  And this happens only when my DLL is running as a service; I processed the same web pages in the command-line version and Calibri printed fine.  Any thoughts on how to resolve this issue would be appreciated.


you could try if substituting calibri with a different font helps (I don’t know if this is an option for you). This can be set in the properties of the PDFCreator virtual printer.

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I tried your suggestion:  In “Devices and Printers”, PDFCreator “Printer Preferences”, I clicked “Change Properties” button, then Device Settings tab, then in the Font Substitution Table, I substituted Helvetica for Calibri.  This made no difference in the .tif output.  Helvetica is the only sans-serif substitution choice, and that font doesn’t exist on my PC, so maybe that’s why.  Do you have any other ideas?


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Since my app is printing from HTML, I was able to edit the HTML before printing, replacing font-family:“Calibri” with font-family:“Segoe UI” etc.  This results in readable output, which is our objective since the files go into our document management system.  However there are several other font-rendering issues when PDFCreator is run in a Windows service:

  • Cambria and Cambria Math also print as “garbage” characters.
  • Some fonts render as a different font, e.g. Rage Italic renders as a simple san-serif font.
  • The spacing between some characters in some fonts is wrong.
  • Occasionally an inverted ! prints instead of a white-space character.



will definetely look into this soon.

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