Can I automate .txt to .pdf conversion using Windows batch script?

I’ve installed vers 1.7.1. Is it possible to have a Windows batch convert .txt files to .pdf with PDFCreator. So far my attempts have failed using various command line flags.  This must perform without interaction to be useful.  If feasible, examples would be appreciated.


you will need to start PDFCreator once to enable auto save in the options, this can’t be done from the command line. Then use the /PF parameter as described in the manual:
Print a file with the
standard program linking with the extension of the file. In
general, this option is useful in connection with Auto-Save mode.
It is not possible to use this parameter in conjunction with the /OF
parameter. There is NO space between the parameter and the file name.
Example: pdfcreator.exe /PF"C:\help.doc"
You can also use wildcards to create PDF’s of all documents in a specified folder.
Example: pdfcreator.exe /PF"C:\*.doc")