Can not use pdfcreator in my new win 8.0

Windows 8.0, the user folder is in Chinese character.
after I choose
the pdfcreator printer and print, a progress bar scrolled and says print
complete. But there is never the save panel comes.
I checked the spool folder, each print will create 2 files there, one .inf, the other .ps.
I opend the printer monitor. in option/reference panel, if I try to print test page, it will report error 76 path not found…
said this might because the chinese character folder, so I turned on
the auto save and pointed to a folder with just letters as name. but




please enable logging from the “printer” menu of the PDF Print monitor, start a printjob and post the resulting log here.
If you llike, you can try if our new beta fixes this, it was completely rewritten in C# and fixes most issues related to unicode characters.