Can someone explain how to split PDFs please?

This may sound stupid but I've been trying for hours to split a PDF with "PDFCreator" and I literally cannot find where and how to do this. I searched this forum and an older post said

The “edit” module for PDF Architect offers a funtion to split documents into individual pages

However, I cannot locate this. I'm having trouble navigating this software as a whole. I constantly open them accidentally with Adobe Reader and if I drag a PDF in it there's a popup with a green "continue" button where it says to downoad PDF Architect? My colleague does this all the time on this PC and since it's not installed I assumed I don't need it. I have downloaded it but I don't know what to do with it.

Can someone please advise or point me to any guide, preferrably with screenshots, on how to do any of this?

  • I read nearly everything at docs.pdfforge. org/pdfcreator/de/pdfcreator/using-pdfcreator/ and I can't find what I'm looking for

  • I did read under tools.pdfforge. org/split-pdf that I can do this with PDF creator, it just doesn't say how

  • I searched for split in the knowledge base and didn't find anything at support.pdfforge. org/search?query=split

please help this is so confusing :frowning:

Did you asked your colleague how to accomplish that?

You can install PDF Architect and use it instead of Adobe Reader but I don't know if that feature is free or need to buy a license.

For free you can use the online tool:
pdfforge - Split PDFs online

The "Protip" on that page is generic, PDFCreator cannot split a pdf in "n" pdf, eventually only in "n" jpg.


thanks alot for your response! Indeed, I messaged my workmate and as it turns out I've been using the wrong PDFcreator the entire time. I was told to use "this PDF Creator on your Surface" and I typed in the start menu and just found this one. But also installed was "PDF24 Creator" and THIS is what he meant.

What a dumb mistake on my part. I open this "24" creator, drag the PDF in, and "split" is one of the first buttons, it took me 30 seconds to get a huge PDF into a bunch of single page pdfs.

And it also didn't have those confusing popups that want to open other programs all the time like this Architect or my Adobe Reader...

This was my fault, I should not have been using this unwieldy creator in the first place, the "24" one did it instantly and it was obvious how it works. Not something like:

Then that is absolutely misleading. It says to, and I quote, "use our PDFCreator to easily and securely split files" and turns out it doesn't actually work, plus you apparently need this other software (Architect)?

As an end user looking for documentation, I found this even more baffling than the cryptic UI and the nearly empty support database.

I sat there for like 2 hours and thought I was being inept when in reality, this software is just cumbersome and they never intended for those features to be available in there. Makes me feel much better.

Again, I appreciate your help clearing this up for me :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info, very interesting, I will give a try to PDF24 Creator!