Cannot convert AutoCAD DWG files to PDF files with 0.9.9 - any thoughts

How do I accomplish a file conversion (without printing, etc) from DWG to PDF with the current release of PDFCreator?

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When I attempt to ADD a DWG file to the PDF Print Monitor, using Document > add, PDFCreator responds with a pop-up window which states:

It is necessary to temporarily set PDFCreator as defaultprinter.

When I look under Options > Formats, I see DWG files do not exist.

I have looked at many other programs to convert DWG to PDF, but they all appear to be shareware with limited useage or limited file adding capacity (e.g. 3 files at a time). 

Am I misunderstanding what others appear to be achieving with AutoCAD DWG files and PDFCreator, as in creating or printing converted DWG files to PDF, or is this simply NOT an option with PDFCreator (where the threads I found are just an illusion)?

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I do have AutoCAD and am the owner of the full version that I paid over $2500 for in the 90s. 

I manually set my printer to PDFCreator and it did not resolve the problem. 

After opening PDFCreator - PDF Print monitor, the green light is lit on its printer icon. 

Since posting my "bump" thread, I tried a Print Test Page, and successfully emailed it to myself, but I could not Print Test Page to my printer.  The "Testpage - PDFCreator" shows up under Document Title . . .

PDFCreator Testpage
PDFCreator 0.9.9
Date: 04/06/2010 1:53:55 PM
Authors: Philip Chinery, Frank Heindörfer
Pdfcreator.exe: Version:; Size: 2,977,792 Bytes
Transtool.exe: Version:; Size: 606,208 Bytes
Computer: MARTINS-PC
Windows: Windows XP 5.1 Build 2600 (Service Pack 3)

. . . Adobe PDF Reader opens with the PDFCreator Opensource file, and when I click on the Adobe PDF Reader print icon, the Print window pops open, and under the Advanced... (radio button), all the PDFCreator Advanced Option appear correct, as its' defaults, and when I click the OK radio button, my printer icon shows up in the System Tray - the PDFCreator tab, in the Task Bar, momentarily blinks a few times - and after PDFCreator believes the Document Title has been printed, the printer icon in the System Tray disappears, and yet nothing has been printed to my printer. 

The shareware program, Any DWG to PDF prints fine but is only good for 30 printings - with my printer as the default printer - therefore, I believe my printer is communicating properly with software running within my desktop.

= = =

After installing, I expected that I could use PDFCreator to convert my AutoCAD  DWG files to PDF (without printing or emailing them, if that was my preference).  The software noted above, Any DWG to PDF works fine, though limited to 30 coversions before its payware kicks in. Perhaps I expected too much. 

Can I use PDFCreator to convert (without printing, etc) a DWG file to PDF with the current release of PDFCreator and if so, how?

Any thoughts?

Thanks again,


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