Cannot get PDFCreator 1.1 working on my Windows 7 Prof. 64bit

I desperatly need the best PDF Creator there is but on my Windows 7 Prof 64bit system it will just not work!

When I print to the PDFCReastor p[rinter it does not give me back an errormessage so I think it is being printed but nothing happens.


Am I doing something wrong?

I reinstalled it several times now without any luck :(


I tested installing the both the modes. I can convert the document to PDF and also combine 2 different files to a PDF but when i try to open the document i can't open it. When i double click the file it dosen't perform any operation.

Please let me know your experience.





Ok, which installation type choose you during the setup? Are there any error messages? I have no problems on my W7Prof-64bit.

Best regards,

Hi Frank,

I reinstalled it again but this time I choos the servermode which is working fine now. Thanks!

Keep up the good work!