Cannot Split/Extract a Page from PDF when Printing - Getting Error

I have a user who uses PDF Creator and she uses it to pull/extract 1 page out of a PDF document with multiple pages. It has been working fine up until about 10 days ago.

Her process is open the PDF file in adobe reader, print, and then in the print dialogue box select PDF Creator as the printer, and for "Pages to Print" she enters the page number that she needs to extract from the file.

It will prompt her to save the file, however when we save it, and then try to open her single page that we just extracted from the file, it says there is an error. It seems like it's not saving the file correctly.

When I use my admin account and login as myself, this works fine for me and I can extract pages from PDF files. I've tried resetting her settings within PDF Creator while she was logged into her account. I've also tried uninstalling and reinstalling a few different versions we have on hand and we are still running into this issue.