Can't Connect to Scanner (Printer)

I replaced my 4-in-1 Printer/Scanner with one that connects to my PC via local WiFi network. I can use the scanner supplied software to scan document to my PC but PDF Architech 4 does not recognize any connection to the scanner. It used to work fine with the same printer model connected via USB cable (which I do not want to do with my replacement Printer/Scanner.

How do I get PDF Architect to recognize my printer?

Running Windows 10 on a Dell Desktop.


have you already installed the latest version of the scanner software/driver?
While we try to be compatible to as many devices as possible, there is always a chance of a incompatibility.

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I have a similar issue. I can print and scan via wifi without an issue (Win7), but PDF Architect doesn’t seem to recognize the device. I would prefer not to plug the printer in via USB, so I’m wondering if anyone knows whether it’s going to be possible to use PDF Architect with devices connected via wifi.