Can't make a pdf in colour


I want to print a *.qxd file (from Quark XPress Passport) to PDF, but I can't seem to make it in colour. Black/white goes fine, but I just can't select colour.

That is... If I say: print to PDF, I can select 'colour' in the drop-down menu at 'printer description'. But if I choose the third tab from the left (I'm sorry, my PDF Creator is in Dutch and I don't know the proper English word for it), I get a drop-down menu at 'printing colours'. There I can select 'grey tone' and 'black/white', but not 'CMGZ' or 'RGB', which is quite annoying.

I tried re-installing PDF Creator but it doesn't make any difference. Can anyone please help me?

Is there anyone who can help me please?


this seems to be a Quark Problem. Can you print colour PDFs from other applications? I am afraid, that I have not used Quark at all before, so I can only guess. I think that Quark thinks, that PDFCreator is a black/white printer and disables the colour printing.

kind regards,

Thanks for the reply :) I tried printing PDF in WordPerfect and it worked perfectly fine, I got nice colours :) I'm sorry I didn't trie this before... I'm gonna look further.