Cant remove pdfcmnnt.dll- prevents installing latest

On Win Vista an older version of pdfcreator had been installed. It was removed some time ago.

Today I attempted to install 1.0.2 and received an error that c:/windows/system32/pdfcmnnt.dll could not be removed by the installer.

I canceled, rebooted and attempted to manually remove it. I am the admin on this system. Vista replied I did not have permission to remove it.

What is going on and how do I remove this file so I can install 1.0.2?



I had this problem too... My problem stemmed from having a partially completed uninstall...

I told it to ignore the file and let it complete the install.

Then I told it to uninstall again.

Then told it to install again.

All fine now!

I did that a couple of times but it continued to complain. I just did the "ignore" and left it.


What is going on and how do I remove this file so I can install 1.0.2?

This may have helped, because the installer replaces the file pdfcmnnt.dll with itself having this 9 years old creation date.

To find this out, I renamed the file as admin so the spooler continued to stick on it, and the installer posed another instance of this old file. After a reboot, I could delete the renamed file, and everything ran fine.

Looks like a bug in the installer.

Thank you, pdf4me

I had the same problem installing pdfCreator 1.2.1 under Windows XP SP3.

I followed your recipe and it worked.