Can't Suppress PDF Creator Dialogs

I have been using PDFCreator to print to PDFs from a 4th Dimension database.  Now, with version 2.01, I can’t get it to stop displaying its dialog.  How do I get it to just print the PDF to the specified file name without any dialogs coming up?


you need to enable autosave in the profile settings for the profile associated with the printer.

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I have already done that.  I have ‘Enable automatic saving’ checked.  I have a target folder specified.  Why does PDFCreator keep opening each time?  I need my client to be able to print their documents directly to PDF with no dialogs.


did you associate the profile with the autosave setting to the printer?
We can’t reproduce this behavior here.

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I was just told by 4D Support that 4D is only compatible up to PDFCreator version 1.73.

I’m having problems getting the settings to apply when 4DServer.exe application is running as a service in the zero session.