Can't use it with a certain program

Hi, everyone. How’s it going? Well, I have a situation here. I use a program that creates Payment Tickets that later I send to my customers for payment. The problem i: this program only have an option to print the ticket, then I scan it, convert to pdf and send it to my customer via email. So, as you can see, lot of work for something that could be simple. Now, this program I use doesn’t show a print menu, so I could choose PDFCreator like the Word does, for example. It only have an option to print directly. Now, my question is: How do I use PDFCreator to automatically active it when the printer is used so it gives me an option to use the PDFCreator? I’ve seen this happen on a tutorial video once on Youtube, but I just can’t find an option for that on the PDFCreator.

* I use Windows 7 and my PDFCreator version is 2.1.2

Oh, don’t bother, folks. Already got it. Had some kind of illumination after I posted the question. I went in the option of the program I use to make the tickets and found there a way to change my printer to PDFCreator. It now works fine. Thanks.