Can't view my PDF file created in 2.4.0

Just updated my PDFCreator to latest version - had run many previous versions on the same PC. Running Windows10. Now when I print to PDF it saves as I’d expect, but then keep looping around the Save function rather than ever opening the file. The PDF file looks OK if I open it in another app.

I don’t have PDF Architect installed. I’ve completely removed PDFCreator a couple of times and reinstalled, but it’s just the same. And under Profile >Actions, though it’s set to “open document” it obviously doesn’t.

Any ideas as to what’s happening?


the “open document” action will check your registry for the default application to open PDFs. It sounds like this might be set to PDFCreator on your system, which would result in the behavior you described. What happens if you double click onto any PDF? If this starts PDFCreator, you will need to change your setting for the default PDF viewer.

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Hi Robin. I agree, if I set another PDF viewer as default then everything works OK! But previously my file would automatically open in what appeared to be PDF Creator immediately after printing and I could then do all those nice things like merge files. I’m obviously missing something…why can’t I do that now?