Cells with background color and font color other than black looks strange

I observed a strange behaviour when printing out a table with cells, that sometimes have different background colors than the rest and a different font color than black. On the screen it looks like this :

and in the PDF it loses the background color when there is text :

How do I get the background color back ? I'm not sure that the behaviour were always so.I observe this in version 2.4.1 and 2.5.3 and even in the plain postscript printer driver when I print directly to a postscript printer from my workstation. My colleagues can print out to printer without this error.

Any idea what the reason could be ?


I am not sure but if you also get this when printing directly to your postscript printer, it is probably something unrelated to PDFCreator. Have you tried printing the same document from a different viewer?

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My boss printed it out and she got a complete blue background with a yellow font. My colleague just tested it with the same result as I and he has pdfcreator 1.7.3. Unfortunatly is my boss on vacation now, so I can’t do further tests.

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