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I’m having trouble changing the default printer setting in Pdf Architect. I have installed a new printer, which is set as the default printer in Windows 10. However, Pdf Architect will only look for the old printer (see screenshot) which no longer exists. I get the error message:

“OpenPrinter ‘Borther MFC 609630 DW Printer’ failed with error 'Access is denied”

So i can no longer select the new printer in Pdf Architect as the printer options are frozen (see screenshot). The old printer no longer exists in Windows 10 printer settings, so I have no means of deleting it manually.

Can you please help?




sorry for the trouble.
Which version of PDF Architect do you currently have installed?
As a first attempt, please try if reinstalling PDF Architect solves the issue.

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We are having the exact same problem with PDF Architect 5 Professional on Windows 10 Professional. A new printer was installed and now PDF Architect displays an error that it cannot find the old printer, and all options to change the printer are greyed out. I have tried re-adding the old printer again (named exactly the same as before) and the error still shows. I have repaired the installation, and also uninstalled then reinstalled the application.

I hate to bring old topics back to life, but when the problem is not answered or solved - maybe it will help in the future.

I had this exact problem (updated printer drivers, 2 copies of 1 printer etc) the software linked to the old driver and then went into the crash loop. (two different machines - its a networked printer).
In any case:

  1. Rebooting the machine worked on win 10 desktop 1
  2. File - Options - General - "DISABLE" Hibernate on close for fast launch (restart the software)

IE: clear the software's cache of known printers (did not see a cfg or registry setting for this information)

Hope this helps with anyone dealing with this problem in the future.