Change pdf Printer & Architect Settings

I print labels for online store and when I print the pdf it automatically opens in pdf Architect 4  -  the latest versions of pdf creator and Architect I have downloaded. It takes a long time to open pdf Architect and I notice on an older machine I can just save the pdf to a file without the Architect program opening. When I downloaded that newest version of pdf Creator and Architect it opened all pdf's in Architect automatically. Can I change the setting to just save the file as a pdf without going thru Architect program. It is a good program but it is more than I need for my task and above my computer literate ability and I wish for the computer to respond faster. Thank you   ... 

Change pdf Printer & Architect Settings  


yes this can be configured in PDFCreator under profile settings->actions->open document (you can either have your default viewer or PDF Architect open the PDF or not have it opened at all)

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Same issue, but I do not have PDFCreator installed. Only PDF Architect 5.
No apparent option to disable auto-open documents printed with Architect print driver.