Change profiles with COM interface

Hi, I would like to change the profile settings through the COM interface using .net and PDFCreator 3.3.2
I don't find a way to do these changes without using the printjob object.
My purpose is:

  1. open pdfcreator
  2. set the default profile to:
    a) automatic saving
    b) set the folder where to save the files
  3. close pdfcreator

Is it possible ?
Thanks for help.


no you are right, you need the printjob object for this.
Do you only need to set this once for every user, or is this something you would be changing back and forth (or just an example)?
You can change the settings directly in the registry as long as you ensure PDFCreator isn't running while doing so. They are located at HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\pdfforge\PDFCreator.
You can also provide a reg file during the setup to configure this directly on install.

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