Class not registerd interface IPrinters in COM object


I am using PDFCreator free version for Delphi so I use Com object
I made pas file of PDFCreator.COM.TLB but when I run the program I get error
class not retgistered (CC64BF81-0A5C-4EC9-9EF4-31DFF3ABD92C) which is exectly IPrinter interface. So I am asking are you havig a factory and not regisered IPrinters interface?

IPrinters = dispinterface
property Count: Integer readonly dispid 1610743808;
function GetPrinterByIndex(index: Integer): WideString; dispid 1610743809;

When I comment the IPrinters code It works

I want to know if this is only in free version or is it presnet in terminal version and professioanl version?

I tried everithing on the previous forum posts on the same issue but doesnt works