CLOSED - PDF form opened in Adobe has printing problem with pdfcreator

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Windows 7 Professsional
pdfcreator 2.0
Adobe Reader 11.0.10

Weird problem: A PDF form created in OpenOffice has a text field in the upper part of the page that, once filled in, cannot be printed using pdfcreator when the form is opend in Adobe Reader XI. A text field at the lower part of the page works fine, and when the upper field is moved to the lower part of the page, it prints as well. Printing with doPDF works without a problem, and printing the filled-in PDF form opened in XChange Viewer using pdfcreator works fine as well. So apparently Adobe Reader and pdfcreator have a problem "communicating".
By the way, the field itself, i. e. the frame, is printed out of Adobe by pdfcreator, just the text is missing.
Since I have no idea what combination of PDF viewer / printer people who fill in the form use, I would like to make the document as versatile as possible. Any hints on how to solve the problem?

Thanks in advance


still intersting, as there were massive problems with the combination of GS 9.15 and Adobe Reader, most documents printed from Adobe Reader to PDFCreator with GS 9.15 produced PDFs which couldn’t be opened in Adobe Reader afterwards, so we had to revert to 9.14 (which seems to have some other problems, we are still figuring out which version will work best).

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