clsPdfCreator add a blank page, How can I fix it?


I'm programming in vb6 and added the clspdfcreator class into my programming.

I have xp and I have used the pdfcreator versions: 0.9.5 and 1.6.2.

I show a Crystal Report that fits perfectly in a A4 page. I printed as a pdf using the printer selected in windows and works perfectly.

But when I try to programmatically save it as a pdf, the clspdfcreator cuts some lines of the first page and adds a blank page. Then continues normally.

I'm guessing it's adding some margin or something, is there any way to modify the margins from code?

The curious thing is that if I have as a default printer in windows my HP 1100, it adds the blank page, but if i have selected the pdfcreator printer as default, it prints perfectly!!