Colour not matching

I’m using the PDFCreator already couple of years and I never had any problems.

But unfortunately now I have one.

I created a PDF from a Cad-program and the colours which come out are completely different to what I want.
I have the latest version 3.2.0 Build 11758. I’m using just the free version.

I have tried already different things to find out what is wrong and it is clearly the PDFCreator because if I use a different one it works as usual.

Maybe some has a tip for me.

Thanks in advanced

Hi @MircoS

Did you try changing the color model of your used profile?


What do you mean with using a different one? Do you mean an older version of PDFCreator?

Kind regards

Thanks for your answer.
I just tried it but that makes no different unfortunately.

With the different one I mean Cadwork pdf or also Foxit Phantom.

Cheers Mirco