COM interface c++

Does anyone use the PDFCreator in c++???

I have several errors.

If I #import PDFCreator.exe, _Collection is not defined.

If I extract the classes every time I CreateDispatch gives invalid handle.


Finaly I can use the COM Interface in c++.

I installed the PDFCreator in server mode, and it works.

Now I have outher problem, the sample code should work with the PDFCreator in silent mode (thats what I need), but it always promped me the dialog interface for save. Even setting all the AutoSave option, it promps.

Post the code please.

@rlssousa: I too want to use pdfcreator via COM, but it's the first time using COM. And a specialty here is that I have to use a somewhat old Borland 5 C++ compiler. Do you have a small example code which shows the necessary elements for using the pdfcreator interface?

kind regards


Using wxWidgets (most) of the functions works. Within wxWidgets you can use wxAutomationObject etc. for using the COM interface.