Combine Multiple Files Fails/Not Printing to PDF Printer

I just upgraded to the latest version 1.7.3. The software is not working correctly anymore. I open PDFCreator and click the Printer stop button. When I drag a file into the program it gives me the warning about setting default printer to PDF which I say OK to. But then instead of waiting for me to click the Print button it automatically prints whatever file I dropped to the default printer in my office, not to the PDF printer.

So as far as I can see the Stop Printing feature that allows multiple files at once is not working. And it’s not setting the default printer to PDF as it should be. These worked fine for me on previous 1.5 version. I am using Windows 7 64 bit.


please try if uninstalling PDFCreator, rebooting your machine and installing it again afterwards solves this issue. This doesn’t happen on any of our test machines and hasn’t been reported so far.

best regards,

I uninstalled the program, rebooted and then re-installed from a fresh download. I open PDFCreator and click on the Printer Stop button so I can combine multiple JPG files into a single PDF. When I drag a JPG into the box it asks me if its OK to change default printer, I say YES and it opens up the Print a Picture dialog box like I had right clicked the JPG and just said print. 

When i drag a PDF document into PDFCreator with the Printer Stopped the file sits in Status Waiting as it should be. This only seems to be a problem for images.