Combining several pdf - gives me wrong layout

Trying to combine some dokuments into one file using the built in tool.
It contains one excel document and one similar from another system. Both pdf files
have several sheets. Like page 1, 2 and so on. All in std. A4 format.

is: The finished pdf document ends up showing only the first page of
each combined document in the right format. Let’s say page on is full format and the following sheets are “small”. Then when scrolling down to
the next document, it is ok on first page and the following are small. Trying a
simple description of the problem : only first page on each combined
document has the right format.

Sorry for my bad english…


that’s a bug/feature of Acrobat Reader. You have to deselect the option “Select papier size according to page size” (or similar name, I only have my german Reader here now). This messes up the print result.

kind regards,

Thank you :slight_smile:
Problem solved!