Command line parameters, gone?


For years and years I was on a Windows XP, using Excel 2003, printing my many files to pdf via a macro sending it to PDFCreator (vers.1.3)

I know there were command parameters back then, because I have a whole manual with them printed out,  though I never had need of them.

PC died, new PC bought. Now Windows 10 and Excel 2016. It’s a disaster !!!
I also downloaded and installed PDFCreator 2.2.  Works just fine when using it manually.

Now suddenly my macros in Excel won’t work (Excel problem and I’m really ticked off)…
so now I really need some command line parameters… only to find that there aren’t any, or at least only the /print, which is pretty useless to me.

What happened? Are they still there and I just can’t get them to function?

I’m mainly in need of the ‘/IF(input file) /OF(output file) /deleteIF’ function.

Alternatively: Yes, there is a ‘print to pdf’ built-in Excel, but the files it creates are 10 times bigger than when I (manually) print them to pdf with PDFCreator, so that’s useless. The ‘printout’ from Excel, although it does send a file to PDFCreator to print, I get a ‘.pfd’ file that isn’t a pdf-FORMAT, so again useless. I can find no settings in PDFCreator to let it know that the crap now coming from Excel is (I think) postscript, and to please turn that into a pdf.

Somebody, please help, I’m SO screwed now.


the easiest solution for now will be to downgrade to version 1.7.3, which still has the required command line parameters:

If you don’t need the /OF parameter, you can use the current version.
These are the command line parameters supported in the current version:

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