CommandLine-option /Merge adds only first PDF-file

Hello together,

I would like to combine multiple PDF-files in a batch-file to one PDF-file using the commandline-parameter "/Merge". But the created PDF-file only contains the first PDF-file from the given list of PDF-files and not all PDF-files.

The used command-line is:

"C:\Program Files\PDFCreator\pdfcreator.exe" /Merge "D:\Test1\CD_DMON02043_ST01.PDF" "D:\Test1\CD_DMON02043_ST02.PDF" "D:\Test1\CD_DMON02043_ST03.PDF" /Outputfile="D:\Temp\test123.pdf" /Printer="PDFCreatorAuto" /Profile="PDFCreatorAuto"

The 3 single PDF-files exist and if I combine them interactive with the PDFCreatorDialog using the configured Printer "PDFCreatorAuto" its working perfect.

Could anyone please tell me, what's wrong with my batch-command.