Compile Error - ErrPtnr.OnError

Compiling PDFSpooler Project i receive error message

"Undefined Var"

Method 'Public Sub Add(key As String, value As Variant)'





Select Case ErrPtnr.OnError("clsHash", "Add")

Case 0: Resume

Case 1: Resume Next

Case 2: Exit Sub

Case 3: End

End Select

'---ErrPtnr-OnError-END--- DO NOT MODIFY ! ---

End Sub

what is the missing reference !


thanks in advance



have you found a solution to resolve the problem ?

thanks in advance

ErrPtnr is the Error dialog for PDFCreator. PDFSpool.exe does not have the ErrPtnr because it is compiled without a User Intface, so you cant add the Form.

I dont know how to fix this too, but maybe it is enough if you only compile the PDFCreator.exe. Afaik the PDFSpool.exe only starts PDFCreator.exe if it is not running and sends it the Postscript Files that it gets from Redmon. I dont think you have to change a lot here.