Conditional SMTP Send

I'm using PDF Creator Business to auto email reports All reports are auto-saved, however some clients do not get emails. But when there is no email address provided for the token, PDF Creator doesn't even create the PDF that should be getting auto-saved.

A temporary bandaid: Currently for those clients, we are emailing the reports to an un-monitored email address in our enterprise . This is just a temporary hack. I would like to find a more elegant solution.

I have tried leaving the email token on the report empty, setting it to just the token name without an email address and even tried putting in a random string that is not a valid email (which crashed PDF Creator oops).
None of these solutions work.
Is there a way to achieve this?


the most elegant way of doing this would be to use the COM interface:
Another option could be to use the script action and run a script to send the PDF only when a valid email address is provided.
Third option might be to have 2 separate PDFCreator printers tied to two different profiles and having the printing application decide to which of the printers to print (if possible).
We will check if we can reproduce the crash and discuss the possibility of improving this workflow in general.

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