Control of PDFCreator from Excel using VBA

I am trying to develop an application in Excel using VBA that will output to a PDF document. The process of creating the pdf document has to be completely automated with no user input.


My first coouple of attempts to do this were not very successful. Basically I need to be able to programmatically specify the folder and the filename the pdf needs to be saved to and have the pdf document configured in its entireity without user intervention.

Am I just missing something obvious


You will find next a link with some examples I've made, using the good examples in folders installed with PDFCreator, with explanations of how to do.

Explanations are in French for the moment, but I'am just about to translating it.

It's works very well: see here.

Tip: You just have to be carefull because .dll are not fully compatible each-other, so an Excel macro with a reference to .dll of a 0.9.3 version will not work with 0.9.9. And, sometimes, VBA will indicates an error to an other location in your code. In this case, and to avoid to spend all your time to find a no-error, You will have to verify that the reference to the DLL is not "missing".

You will have to either install the same PDF version, or change the reference of the .dll (un-select, close, re-select PDFCreator DLL).