Convert Image to PDF using PDFCreator

We have a usecase to merge multiple images and PDF files into one PDF from a command line script. I downloaded PDFCreator. I are able to do it using command line options from a script, works fine. However, There is one issue that is outstanding/roadblock -

  • Image orientation is turned upside down in the final PDF

Is this a known issue? Any fix available? Not sure whether paid version solves this problem or not. Appreciate any solution to fix this problem.

As I read you have an issue to converting image to pdf using pdf creator.
To rectify the image orientation issue you have to check the orientation of your image when you open your image in PDFCreator because pdf creator does not change the orientation of the image.
Hope this will help you.

I got the same upside down issue with all pages that are created by PDFCreator from one or more than one jpg files. Is it a known issue ? I do not get this issue with Nitro Pro at work.