Convert pdf file to Grayscale/BW


 How can I convert a pdf file to Grayscale or Black&White.

I setted the pdf colour option to Grayscale but it appears the convertion don't work fine: the output file is Colour.

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you can set this like using a physical printer. In the print dialog, push the properties button, and select the Paper / Quility tab, there you can choose between b/w and colour. The built in setting in PDFCreator´s options only works for text.








The beauty of the more recent version of the PDFCr is that one can create various printers, which I lean on, heavily.

There are times when it is important that large docs are printed in grayscale, and low density, due to file size issues.   The ability to set those parameters for a particular printer setup gets tangled when setting the Color vs BW setting in the printer properties, when printing, since it does not stick to a particular printer but rather to a particular WindowsUser.   Thus, I have to go back forth, between bw and color manually.

Sure would be helpful if grainyness and color/BW would stick to the printer set in PDFCr

I saw this work around, but not sure if it sticks to the printer, or is a global setting – not sure quite what it does, either, but it sounds…hopefully helpful:


Your comments/suggestions appreciated on this