Convert to PDF and send email without mapi client

I would like to load this onto a terminal server, and users to print to pdf and send email without having to run and setup a full mapi client.  Any suggestions on how to set this up ?




there is a script called “SendMail” coming with PDFCreator, starting with version 1.4.0. You’ll find it in “Actions” in the settings dialog. This uses blat.exe to send a mail directly via SMTP without using a mapi client.

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Perfect, thats pretty much exactly what I was looking for !


I'll read over the documentation and see how we can get the script setup, thanks for your help.

Ok, got it working with blat.exe.  Just one question, is there some way that the user printing can specify the email address they want it sent to ?  Right now I have Receipient's E-Mail address setup in the script but would like to have this come from something they enter as they save the pdf.


Just found the PDFCreator_Group_Policy...


Where do these show up under GPO after copying them to the DC \\PolicyDefinitions folder ?

Found the policy settings under User Configuration,Policies, Admin Templates,PDFCreator...


Not how to handle the "send to email addresss" setting, anyone have ideas on allowing users to setup default email address they would like the PDF sent to ?



this is not possible out of the box right now. You will need to have a custom script that somehow retrieves the E-Mail-Address (ask the user, look it up somewhere).

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