Copy a txt files directly into shared PdfCreator printer (\\\\hostname\\PDFCreator)

Windows XP
PdfC: 1.3.2


I’d like to ask if it is possible to copy a txt files directly into shared PdfCreator printer (\\\\hostname\\PDFCreator) , in order to receive converted files in the pdf format.

We have an application (we are not a Vendor of this application and we are not able to do any changes in its code), which sends documents into shared OKI printer. Now we’d like create an archive for those documents and keep them as a pdf files, simply by changing the share name in the configuration file of this application and direct them into shared PdfCreator to get pdfs.

We had tried to test this solutions by simply using this command, but we received blank pdfs:

Copy test.txt \\\\hostname\\PdfCreator

when we try to copy a postscript file it works fine (actually we receive two files one is blank, and the other is fine, bu we can live with this).

I’d we appreciated for any help in this subject.





converting txt files by copying them is not possible, you will need to print them to PDFCreator with Notepad or any application that can print txt files.