Copy printers from ine to computer to another

Hi, it possible to copy all profiles and printers from one computer to another ? I have over 80 printers and will save some time :slight_smile:

Hi Marcin,

The profiles / overall settings of PDFCreator are easily exported / imported via Settings > Debug > Export Settings.

I will have to check with my colleagues about how to copy printers from one computer to another. Which Operating System are you using?

Kind regards

Hi Sasha,
thx for your reply .
Both are Windows 10 Professional (1709 Compilation)


you can only copy the mappings between the printers/profiles, the actual printers themselves can’t be copied directly.
If it helps, you can however call
printerhelper.exe /addprinter printer1 "printer 2 with spaces in name" ... printer80
to add multiple printers at once through a command line. The printerhelper gets installed together with PDFCreator, you can find it inside the main PDFCreator application folder.

Best regards