Corel Presentations - blank page at end of PDF

I have been successfully using PDF Creator version 0.9.3 and now 0.9.8 wih many apps on my pc including Corel Presentations (X13). I create a graphic in this app, and then use PDF Creator to make a PDF of the graphic, and then take this to a print shop to print.

Today, for the first time, I noticed that the created PDFs have now all got an extra page, a blank one, at the end of the PDF. In other words, if I create a PDF from a single page graphic in Corel Presentations, I then get a file with the graphic and a blank page at the end. It never did this before, and I am going half crazy with frustration trying to find out why and how to correct it. . . .

Any help would be greatly appreciated, and Thank you for an excellent product!!